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Review: Zoe Sugg (Zoella) – Girl Online

I loved many things about the job I did last summer but one of the best sides was that I had more than enough time to read books, books, and little more books. The first one I read that summer was Zoe Sugg’s Girl Online. I have to reveal that at first, I was quite a skeptic when I picked out this dreamy baby-blue colored book from a library. There was a lot of controversy around this book and the fact did Zoe (or like she is known in the internet world Zoella) really write this book herself.

I don’t really care about things like that as long as the book is enjoyable but I did some googling for you all interested readers. So, apparently Zoella, who is btw famous YouTuber, didn’t write the book alone BUT she had a big part in the process of making the story and characters. There are also two following books for this one and I will definitely check them out.

Why did I decide to read Zoella’s Girl Online?

Yes, I was a skeptic but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give change to a book and its story. One of the biggest reasons why I ended up walking out of the library with this book was the trip I did to Brighton last spring and only a month before reading this book. Girl Online’s main character Penny lives in Brighton and reading a book from a place you have just been to is the best medicine for wanderlust. I was happily surprised by the way Girl Online described the city and took me back to its small alleys, beautiful beach and odd shops.

“They were so comfy. But not anymore. Now I just want to burn them.”
“Want to burn what?” Tom says, trudging into the kitchen, his hair all messy from sleeping.
“Her unicorn knickers,” Elliot says.
“OK, clearly I’m still asleep and dreaming,” Tom says, slumping down in a chair.
“So you’re not actually naked in this video?” Dad says.
“Yep, definitely still dreaming.”

Another reason for me to read this book was my secret love for all cute and lovey-dovey young adult romances with a touch of magic. Zoella’s Girl Online gave me just what I wanted: fairytale romance of awkward girl and cool prince charming.

About the plot:

Girl Online is basic chick-lit romance with easy to identify with main character Penny, maybe too perfect love interest and a group of silly side characters. Penny is a young girl who lives in Brighton and tries – unsuccessfully – to not embarrass herself in everything she does. This cute girl with anxieties and loving family has a secret that is only known for her next door (or well better said next wall because they share bedroom wall) neighbor and best friend Elliot. Penny is the writer behind popular blog and pen name ‘Girl Online’.

“Sometimes you have to face up to your fears to realize that they aren’t actually real.”

After catastrophic events in school, Penny gets well-deserved escape to New York with her messy odd but lovable family. There she meets Noah and finds herself falling in love with this wild artistic music lover. But can it be love if you have just met them? And what is the big secret Noah is keeping? They only have a few days together so can relationship like that last as new friends or even as lovers?

“Holy swoon-gate!’ Elliot exclaims when I finally get to the end of my tale. ‘If that’s what Brooklyn boys are like I’m emigrating as soon as possible!”

Penny finds comfort from her blog telling to the internet about her new found feelings and this mysterious boy. She can write freely because no one knows who she is, right?

My Opinion:

I like it, I love it. And I love Noah. Girl Online may be meant for girls a little younger than me but even as 22 years old woman I enjoyed this cute story. Penny is just like me when I was younger. When you first see her, she seems shy and boring but in reality, she has fire and passion more than anyone. More than love story this book is about growing up if you ask me. Penny learns to cope with her panic attacks, negative comments and falling in love.

“What went down well?” Mum asks, coming back to the table.
“Nothing,” I say. “The Titanic,” Elliot says.”

Like usually when reading books, I got charmed by all adorable side characters. Penny’s best friend Elliot was definitely my favorite. His side comments and petty remarks are just perfect. And if you pay attention to him and read between the lines, his story may be even more interesting for you than Penny’s. He’s not just silly comments but well developed wide-sided character. Or at least that’s my opinion.

As whole the book was a little predictable and especially if you happen to read the name of the second book. Some of the characters felt just stupid and one-sided like Ollie but maybe that was meant to be like that? As whole Girl Online was nice to read but not my favorite book. If you need something to read for the beach or when relaxing in a hammock, I recommend Girl Online. Don’t expect a masterpiece but you will definitely have a fun few hours reading this light-hearted story.

And I want to end this post with a quote from the book. I think this sentence sums up everything this book has tried to teach for the people and especially young people reading it. Let’s all keep internet positive and support everyone in need of a few kind words!

“Every time you post something online, you have a choice.
You can either make it something that adds to the happiness levels in the world
—or you can make it something that takes away.”

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