Be Somebody: Let’s paint graffiti!

Be Somebody movie review

Movie Review: Be Somebody (2016)

I could list all the reasons why Be Somebody is cliche and just plainly bad movie. The acting isn’t great, they try to create pretentious motivation speeches, everything is clearly made for the fans of that popular Youtuber/star/actor boy whose name I can’t recall and we have seen this same plot about million times in different books and movies.

Princess saves herself… and the prince!

But it not being an amazing experience for me doesn’t mean that others won’t enjoy it. In fact, if I had a teen daughter (or if I was myself still a teenager) I would more than happily recommend this movie to her. Be Somebody isn’t a story of girl meeting boy. No, it’s definitely a story of boy meeting girl. The difference? This boy doesn’t come to the girl’s life and make her world famous in one night. The girl helps the boy and the boy helps the girl. I want to see more movies with this kind of twist. Aren’t we too modern for the prince saving the princess crap?

I don’t want to say too much about the love story/friendship/whatever between those two main characters but it’s quite predictable. Everything is cute, fluffy and dramatic but maybe the most interesting part comes from the timing. Most of the plot in this movie happens during two days. Everything moves quickly but still realistically. I have to give one thing for this movie, it has that magical glint every teenager movie needs.

The plot shortly:

Jordan Jaye is a superstar with a huge fanbase. Emily Lowe is high school student who loves art and painting. Both of them want to change their lives but it seems impossible. Like a destiny, they end up meeting and creating a small adventure together. Something that starts with snarky comments changes quickly to an unexpected friendship. Sneaking Jordan into Emily’s room for the night, painting graffiti at night time and opening up slowly of their fears and hopes. Everything seems so perfect but at the same time, they can never forget the problems waiting for them in normal life.

Plot asides Be Somebody is aesthetically pleasing

The plot made me struggle while watching this movie but I couldn’t stop because it just looked so good. I could see myself watching this movie without the sound while working just to calm my mind. I loved the graffiti scene. But I usually love all scenes including writing, painting or dancing. Every camera angle, exposure, the clothes of actors, scenes, music and the space of changing scenes was on point in my opinion.


And once again I want to end this post with a quote from the movie. When I watched Be Somebody this line felt just awkward but now afterward without the scene as only a text I have fallen in love with this life advice.

“There’s no such thing as ‘The Right Time’. Life doesn’t come with guarantees.
Every now and then you just have to take a chance!”

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