The LEGO Batman Movie: So cool!


Movie Review: The LEGO Batman Movie

Let’s just say that I love lego movies and won’t tolerate you dissing me if you haven’t seen any. Yeah, yeah, Lego movies are for kids and blah blah blah but come on the humor is totally made for adults. It’s something I would love to learn to write in my own texts: snarky side comments and dark humor that makes even grown men giggle like school girls. If you don’t believe, watch The Lego Batman Movie as an adult just so I can say ‘I told you so’.

Why I watched The Lego Batman Movie?

I have been a fan of Lego movies and series for a long time. In fact, it all started with Lego Star Wars games and continued from there. Let’s just say that Lego Spiderman is has been my ideal type of men for some time now (just kidding). But right after this movie from early 2017 came to Finnish Netflix I knew I had to see it as soon as possible. Then I had some time to just relax by myself today and decided to have good laugh while watching the Lego movie.

“Black. All important movies start with a black screen… And music…
Edgy, scary music that would make a parent or studio executive nervous…
And logos… Really long and dramatic logos…
Warner Bros. Why not “Warner Brothers”? I don’t know…
DC… The house that Batman built. Yeah, what, Superman?
Come at me, bro. I’m your Kryptonite…”

The Plot of The Lego Batman Movie

We all know Batman, the vigilante putting Gotham’s bad guys in jail and superhero who has… amazing abs and trust issues? Lego Batman tells this old story in a new way like usual. Batman is reckless, cocky and wants to work alone. He doesn’t listen to what others say or care what others think. Not even when his words make Joker’s eyes tear. But then new beautiful and totally badass police commander comes to Batman’s life. And he ends up adopting young boy by an accident.

Batman is forced to work together with others or the whole Gotham will be in great danger. It doesn’t go well and Batman still can’t say words like sorry or family but there is a lesson to learn in the end. The plot may seem basic children’s animation movie but the characters, dark almost hidden from kids humor and references to other movies make The LEGO Batman movie worth to watch for people of all ages.

“Batman works alone. That’s my motto. Copyright Batman.”

My Opinion

I loved it. That’s it. I don’t really know what else to mention. Lego Batman charmed me with its humor that probably shouldn’t be so funny for me. I laughed out loud and smiled happily by myself. Lego movies really know how to make even adults enjoy the moment of watching a movie with their kids. Or how to make random young adults watch their movie because why not?

Batman: We are gonna steal the Phantom Zone projector from Superman.
Robin: [frowns] Steal?
Batman: Yeah. We have to right a wrong. And sometimes, in order to right a wrong, you have to do a wrong-right. Gandhi said that.
Robin: Are we sure Gandhi said that?
Batman: I’m paraphrasing.

One of the best thing in The Lego Batman Movie was all the references to other movies, celebrities, and books. There were bad guys mentioned from several different worlds and my favorites were, for example, Voldemort from Harry Potter and King Kong. In addition, there was added parts from romantic comedies when Batman was in a theater and from old Batman movies when the characters were talking about Batman’s crazy and long life. Above all the best moments were when Batman broke the third wall with his comments about things not related to the movie and its world. The next Suicide Squad reference was AMAZING!

“What am I gonna do? Get a bunch of criminals together to fight the criminals?
That’s a stupid idea.”

The plot isn’t extraordinary or complicated. It’s a kids’ movie so they have to make everything easy enough to understand for everyone. I feel like sometimes we have to watch something easy, fun and chill to make our brains relax in this stressful world. That’s also the reason why so many adults love watching Disney, Pixar and Ghibli movies again and again. The stories repeat always. Good guys, bad guys and learning something important. That makes a good story whatever you are an adult or a kid.

Even most of the adult films have this same pattern. The protagonist, someone who is against them and then that cool realization our main character has towards the ending of the movie. That’s why The Lego Batman Movie works well if you ask from me. It’s basic storyline anyone can identify with but with a sprinkle of humor for kids and darker humor for adults.

“Remember kids, if you want to be like Batman,
take care of you abs. Batman out!”

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