Red Sparrow: Beware, too much sex!

Red Sparrow movie

Movie Review: Red Sparrow

I wouldn’t recommend seeing this movie in the theater if you can’t withstand embarrassing situations. If that’s not a problem, the plot is amazing and Red Sparrow will wrap you into its world. Beautiful Jennifer Lawrence as strong and clever Russian agent ‘Red Sparrow’ makes the movie stand out from other spy movies.

“When I was in Moscow I heard about a program.
Young officer trained to seduce and manipulate,
to use their bodies, to use everything.
Called them Sparrows, that’s what she is.”

Why I went to see Red Sparrow?

When I first read of Red Sparrow movie, someone mentioned it as a substitute for the long-awaited Marvel Black Widow movie we haven’t gotten yet. Heck yeah, I had to see it myself! Seeing a movie in Finland is super expensive. Around 10€ to 15€ for normal 2D movies. It also means that going to movies all the time doesn’t fit my budget and there’re so many good movies coming out this year. Fortunately, there just happened to be a good ticket deal for one late Thursday evening and the only interesting movie running was Red Sparrow. 1+1 meant it was time to give this movie a go.

“You are better at this than any of us. Your only problem is you have a soul.”

The plot of Red Sparrow:

Dominika Egorova is the lead ballerina in Moscow Ballet but after a terrible injury, she gets recruited by Russian intelligence services to school where young boys and girls learn to cheat, kill and use their bodily advantages. Dominika has to follow the rules to free herself from this terrible fate. And then she has to target C.I.A. agent who is trying to reveal the secrets of her home country. What are lies and what is the truth? And who can Dominika trust or can she trust anyone?

Vanya: You’re always one step ahead.
Dominika: You’re right.

My opinion of Red Sparrow:

Sex. Too much sex. That was the first thought I had after Red Sparrow ended. My few hours in the theater weren’t the most pleasant ones. There were only romantic couples watching the movie if you don’t count me and that one middle-aged random man next to me. Just my luck to sit next to the only single person in the whole theater. It didn’t help that there were unnecessary many sex scenes in this movie and the man next to me was panting suspiciously through the movie. I don’t even wanna know what he was thinking.

Back to the topic of sex, I’m not against of having it in movies. In fact, I think that good sex scene in book or movie will make the plot more interesting and deeper the connection between our characters. In Red Sparrow, the sex felt unreal and not authentic. I can understand the rape scene, charming with sex and all that Red Sparrow School shit but then there were scenes that just made me wanna scream “Why the heck are you having sex?” There has to be right kind of connection between the characters if you want the sex scene to work out. (But like I said Jennifer Lawrence is gorgeous so I will forgive everything…) 

“You sent me to whore school!”

If we forget the disappointing sex scenes, I truly enjoyed Red Sparrow and would go to see it again. I can see why it was compared to the Black Widow movie I’m still waiting for patiently. Red Sparrow was made more for men than women from my opinion but there was still empowering scenes and the ending is just golden. You get surprised in so many parts of this movie and every small thing has something to do with the conclusion. Can someone make more movies like this, please?

So, who should watch Red Sparrow? Those people who love spy movies and want to see strong lady putting down all the men. If you usually realize the plot before the movie has even properly started. Red Sparrow has a quite basic plot but it will still surprise you. I promise.

“Every human being is a puzzle of need.
You must become the missing piece
and they will tell you anything.”

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