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Movie Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming

I saw this movie for the first time when it came out last year but I’m reviewing it now because I watched it for the second time with a friend on Valentine’s day. Spiderman is my longtime love interest (let’s not mention that he is 14 years old in this movie……..) and I never get bored to movies, comics, or TV series of this iconic superhero character. Spiderman with a witty humor and never-ending positivity well known from the comic books is my ideal type of man.

Tony Stark: Can’t you just be a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man?

Why I watched Spider-Man: Homecoming?

Like I already mentioned, I’m addicted to things relating Spiderman. When the movie came out no one wanted to see it with me so I ended up going alone. My friends just don’t appreciate Spiderman enough! So, one warm afternoon I drove to the close-by movie theater and was almost only one there because no people go to movies in the middle of the day on weekdays.

Karen: Would you like me to engage Enhanced Combat Mode?
Peter: Enhanced Combat Mode? Yeah!
Karen: Activating Instant-Kill.
Peter: What? No, no, no, I don’t wanna kill anybody!

This second time we decided to watch a movie with my friend at her place. She told me that one of the options we had was to watch the newest Spiderman but she was guessing that I probably wouldn’t want to see it again. No questions asked we ended up watching Spiderman: Homecoming. Right now I have seen this movie four times. Hate it if you want but my love for all Spiderman related is endless!

The plot of Spider-Man: Homecoming

Peter Parker is a teenager with plainly normal problems any not so popular boy would have in high school: your crush won’t notice you, that annoying bully who is in the same club with you and overly protective family. Anyone who has been normal teen knows that struggling with those problems is more than enough trouble but extraordinary Peter has another even bigger puzzle to solve. He is the internet famous new superhero: Spiderman.

Between school, family, and friends Peter has to help the people of New York while waiting for a new assignment from his idol (and dad figure) Iron Man. For some reason, that phone call seems to never come. Then one night Spiderman stops criminals with crazy weapons and idiotic Avengers masks (unfortunately not the real Avengers). Because no one seems to listen to Spiderman aka Peter, he has to solve this problem by himself. 

Spider-Man: Wait a minute… You guys aren’t the real Avengers! I can tell Hulk gives it away.

My opinion of Spider-Man: Homecoming

My opinion will be biased because my ultimate love for Spiderman but hey who cares. Just watch this movie, okay? That’s really it. That’s my opinion. Nothing else. Watch Spider-Man: Homecoming and fall in love with the character of Spiderman.

When compared to the earlier Spiderman movies I liked Homecoming more whatever anyone else says. In my opinion, this young and naive Spiderman reminds more of the comic book version of him than the earlier movies. There are more bantering, silly moments and Spiderman growing as human (and superhero) towards a better person. Additionally, the reference to Avengers and Iron Man’s huge role in the movie make it even funnier to watch.

Tony Stark: You just don’t do anything I would do… and definitely don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. There’s a little gray area in there and that’s where you operate.

Everything would be perfect if just Peter Parker was a little bit older. Please. My little brother is 14 and my Spiderman being at the same age makes no sense. I can’t freely fall for Spiderman him being 14! Could the actor at least be 14 years old boy and not Tom fucking handsome Holland? Now we have the moral dilemma because the actor is (hot) adult and only a year younger than me but the character he plays is only 14 in this movie. So, am I or am I not attracted to him? 

But to speak more about the actor Tom Holland. Oh god, he’s a good pick as the actor for Spiderman. If we don’t count the age problem. He looks good but nerdy enough for the role and he has clearly a natural funny side that shines through in this role. Perfect casting. In my opinion, movie roles should always be acted by someone who seems at least a little bit like the character, someone who loves the character already and then, of course, someone who is good at acting. All these three points describe Tom Holland and Spiderman.

So today I don’t have anything else to say. Just go and watch the movie. Okay?!

Ned: Can you summon an army of spiders?
Peter: No, man!

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