Love Yourself: Her by BTS

BTS Her Review

Album Review: Love Yourself: Her by BTS

BTS (aka Bagtan Boys aka Bangtan Sonyeondan aka Bulletproof Boy Scouts aka maybe the talented/hottest boys in this world) has taken over the world in 2017 and 2018. This Korean pop/rap band visited the Ellen Show, won an award at the Billboard Music Awards, and was named by Time magazine amongst the 25 most influencing people on the internet. Why am I feeling like a proud mom all of sudden?

Why I want to review Love Yourself: Her?

Today I wanted to try to make music review even if I’m close to tone deaf and know nothing about music (I can’t play any instrument and singing is just impossible). But hey, let’s see how this goes because despite my failure to know anything about music I listen to it almost 24/7. To make album review I had to pick out a band and their album I would like to talk about. It wasn’t hard.

I have seen a lot of people reviewing BTS’s music for the first time due to their rising popularity. I was thinking that it would be nice to get my review out as someone who has been listening to them for years. I have always liked music that unites different genres and when I first heard BTS during their debut days I was already gone. I love nothing more than a great pop song with amazing rapping and talented composing.

And so today I want to review the latest album of this South Korean boyband.

My opinion of Love Yourself: Her by BTS

As whole Love Yourself: Her is my least favorite of BTS albums. I can hear you writing that hate comment so don’t bother just yet. Yes, it’s my least favorite of their albums but even then I would give it 9 out of 10 stars. The problem is that I love their previous albums too much. However, this album also has some of my all-time favorite songs from BTS like Go Go and Mic Drop.

Okay, maybe I should just say… This album also includes some of my all-time favorite songs from any musician, band, or orchestra I have ever heard. Mic Drop is a masterpiece. Don’t fight me in this!

The songs in Love Yourself: Her by BTS
And my opinion of them

Intro: Serendipity
The intro song of Love Yourself: Her is a quiet, calm and magical piece of art. Not my usual style of music but perfect to listen to just before falling asleep or when you want to forget the whole world around you. A sad love song with touching lyrics.

When I first heard DNA, I was disappointed. I had been expecting something spectacular and this song was just another kpop song with catchy rhythm and lyrics about love. But now after listening to it several times, DNA has found its way to my regular playlist (keep in mind that this playlist has about 300 songs…) My favorite part? Definitely the whistling in the start of the song. The video is colorful, and dance looks good. That DNA dance move (the boys make DNA chain with their bodies) is clever.

Best of Me
Chill tunes aren’t always my thing but after listening to Best of Me for several times it kind of grows into you. Summer song, that’s my opinion. Something to listen to while spending time with friends on the beach or trying to fall asleep just before sunset on warm evenings. I give the song and BTS big plus for making the chorus catchy because I just can’t stop singing along.

I’m really bothered by the fact that the song name isn’t written with a capital letter (at least in Spotify). Other than that this song goes in the same category with Best of Me. A song perfect for chilling out in summer. It’s a song about illegal dimbles, do I even have to tell anything else about the lyrics? This is the part you can probably hear me singing in the middle of the night because who doesn’t love chanting came words again and again?

“Illegal, illegal, but I love it anyway, anyway, anyway…”

Pied Piper
I HATED this song as first. I don’t know what is with me and happy tones… I need badass or depressing songs (and what does that tell about me). After listening to this album too many times on repeat, it’s not that bad. In fact, Pied Piper is a basic pop song that would be loved by the masses. For me, it goes well while working because I can’t make improvised dance break while the boring parts of my writing! Suga’s rap is on point and I’m not even going to talk about V saying the word ‘paradise’… Sexual much?

Skit: Billboard Music Awards Speech
Skits have never really been my thing, would rather listen to more music. Despite my general feelings, the Billboard Music Awards speech makes me kind of emotional. This thank you speech by Rap Monster marks a moment BTS too their place on international fame. When it happened, it felt almost unreal. For a moment kpop was a mainstream thing or at least in my opinion.

MIC Drop
Oh my god! I have no words to describe MIC Drop. Despite liking the original song more than this Steve Aoki remix the video is FIRE! This song is my ‘badass cleaning my home while dancing or walking around new cities like I own the whole world’ tune. I may love music but only rarely anyone can make me this hyped up. If I had to show one song to people from BTS (or my music library), it would be MIC Drop. I don’t usually pick favorites but MIC Drop is up there on my forever will swear in the name of this song list.

Go Go
Music doesn’t have to be so serious and Go Go is living example of it. After MIC Drop, it’s my favorite song from this album. The singing and rapping of BTS fits perfectly together and forces you to dance with their rhythmic music. Go Go is a combination of funny attitude and lyrics but also a perfectly formed pop song (the drop towards the end makes my heart skip a beat).

Here’s BTS performing Go Go in front of a live audience but don’t take it too seriously! Better yet, just laugh along and brighten your day. (One of my favorite things in kpop live performances are the fan chants! Listen to them and be awed.) 

Outro: Her
After a few fast based songs, the outro of BTS’ Love Yourself album calms us down. It only has three of the BTS members in it, the rap line, but that doesn’t stop the song from being awesome. I like all the three verses. My opinion of these three rappers can be seen clearly from the track. I like Rap Mon’s lyrics, Suga’s flow, and J-Hope’s voice.

This has been my opinion of BTS’ Love Yourself: Her album. Did you like the songs or are you already a fan of BTS? All comments are always welcome! And I’m more than happy to hear your album recommendations for me to review next. 

“But I found myself
The whole new myself”
BTS – Outro: Her


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